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Learning Tree’s Gold Standard IITT Accreditation

As part of the Institute of IT Training’s role in establishing, managing and raising standards in IT training, they assess and endorse the processes and inherent abilities of corporate training departments and external training providers through a range of targeted accreditation programmes.

The Institute's Accreditation is recognised as the de facto standard in the IT training industry today and is now a requirement for the majority of training tenders in Government and corporations.

With IT's increasing strategic importance, the need for today's organisations to have access to the best possible IT skills has never been keener. This is because however wonderful technology is, it isn't technology alone which delivers business benefits — it is the people who use that technology.

The Institute of IT Training is dedicated to increasing IT skills within today's workforce and promoting the importance of those skills at the highest business and government levels.

The Institute provides accreditation to IT training providers, internal training departments, e-learning companies, learning centres, learning facility providers and technical support centres. In each case they have a rigorous and exhaustive accreditation procedure.

They assess these companies thoroughly against highly defined criteria, which means organisations can choose Institute-accredited companies with confidence.

This IITT GSA Accreditation provides the following assurances:

  • Assurance that we conform to a professional Code of Practice
  • Assurance that marketing collateral accurately represents the training services being provided
  • Assurance that we deliver objectives-specific training which facilitates the measurement, analysis and external reporting of the success in meeting stated learning outcomes
  • Assurance that we provide support and back-up to the training to ensure that stated learning objectives are achieved
  • Assurance that instructional materials are well designed and up to date
  • Assurance that trainers are technically competent with appropriate subject-matter expertise
  • Assurance that trainers have recognised trainer delivery skills
  • Assurance that equipment is reliable and appropriate to the subject and audience
  • Assurance that learning environments are conducive to effective learning

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