London Education Centre – Wireless Network Acceptable Use Policy

Applies to: Learning Tree International Customers, Instructors, and Guests using the Learning Tree wireless network

Summary: Learning Tree provides a public wireless network to its customers, instructors and guests for the purpose of accessing the Internet. Use of the Learning Tree wireless network is governed by all applicable laws and this Wireless Network Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Learning Tree offers the wireless network as a free service and does not provide Individual technical support for such. Usage of the Learning Tree public wireless network indicates that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions listed herein.

Contacts: To report a problem, please contact on-site Education Centre Staff.

Authority: By using the Learning Tree public wireless network, users are granting permission for authorized network administrators to monitor and/or intercept electronic communications when necessary. Learning Tree does not monitor personal communications as a matter of course, but may do so on occasion to monitor network performance and to ensure adherence to this AUP.

Privileges of Network Users: The primary purpose of the Learning Tree public wireless network is to provide a convenient wireless means of Internet access for authorized users. Learning Tree customers and instructors will be granted unlimited access to this wireless network in designated hot spot areas, as technology and network capacities allow.

Responsibilities of Network Users:

  1. Access to the wireless network is provided through secure web portal authentication with credentials supplied by Education Center staff. Do not share credentials with others.
  2. Users are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate compliant wireless card (802.11a/b/g/n), and are running up to date antivirus and firewall software on their wireless device.
  3. Wireless network users must respect all copyrights. The downloading or sharing of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited.
  4. The running of programs, services, systems, processes, or servers by a single user or group of users that may substantially degrade network performance or accessibility will not be allowed. Electronic chain letters, mail bombs, and excessive recreational use of the network are prohibited. Any action which promotes or furthers pornographic or other inappropriate or illegal usage is prohibited. Connecting to "peer-to-peer" file sharing networks or downloading extremely large files (i.e. CD ISO images) is prohibited.
  5. Please be advised that wireless Internet access is inherently not secure. Wireless traffic is not encrypted by default and users should be aware that as they connect their devises to the wireless network they can be exposing themselves to: worms, viruses, Trojan horses, denial-of-services attacks, intrusions, packet-sniffing and other abuses by third parties. Learning Tree highly discourages the conducting of confidential transactions over any wireless connection. Users should adopt the appropriate security measures when using the Learning Tree wireless network.
  6. Users are responsible for their own devices that they connect to the Learning Tree wireless network.
  7. Users are responsible for securing their own wireless devices prior to making connections to the Learning Tree wireless network.
  8. Please note that wireless technology is a shared resource, therefore, speeds will be directly affected by the number of simultaneous users.
  9. Any willful violations of this policy that can be traced to an individual’s wireless device will be treated as the sole responsibility of the owner of the device.


  1. Learning Tree International is in no way liable for any damage, undesired resource usage, or detrimental effects that may occur to the user’s device and software while the user has his/her device attached to the wireless network.
  2. The user is responsible for any actions taken from his/her device, whether intentional or unintentional, that causes damage or otherwise affects other devices or users of the network.
  3. The user hereby releases Learning Tree International from liability for any loss, damage, security infringement or injury which the user may sustain as a result of being allowed access to the wireless network. The user agrees to be solely responsible for any such loss infringement, damage or injury.

Violations and Sanctions:

Reporting Violations: Users should report any knowledge or evidence of violations to this Acceptable Use Policy to Education Center Staff

Penalties: Users who violate the Acceptable Use Policy may be subject to a range of sanctions including but not limited to termination of network privileges. Learning Tree International has the authority to temporarily revoke network access or take other appropriate action in order to maintain network security and/or health.

Revisions: Learning Tree International reserves the right to make revisions to this Acceptable Use Policy at any time. Continued usage of the wireless network indicates that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions listed herein.

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