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Charlene Banks


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Madhu Siddalingaiah


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Denise Fletcher

Windows Systems & Exchange

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Joe Gagliardo

SQL Server

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Maurice Hagar

Project Management

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Randy Williams


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Joe Gagliardo

Mobile App Development

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Steve Lockwood

Cloud Computing

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Carmen Rivera


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The Best Instructors in the World

Learning Tree instructors are absolutely peerless. They are working professionals who average over 15 years of experience in the fields in which they teach. They are outstanding experts in their subject matter, but what truly sets them apart is that they are also expert instructors. Every Learning Tree instructor undergoes intensive training to learn the best ways to present information, mentor, and create dynamic presentations that bring the classroom to life. Our talented instructors engage participants and pass their expertise on to them with practical, hands-on skills they can use right away to solve the challenges they'll face in the real world. Because our instructors undergo a rigorous selection and training process before they can teach a single course, attendees rate the average Learning Tree instructor with a grade of 3.87 on a 4.00 scale.

Past Featured Learning Tree Instructors

Kevin Rattan

Kevin Rattan

Kevin Rattan has been a Learning Tree instructor for more than 10 years. He has been building websites since modems were 14.4 kb/s and it took 10 minutes to download a 2 MB document. Kevin now owns his own software consultancy company specialising in web development.

Kevin is proudest of the work he did for Snowball Express, a charity that brings hope and new memories to the children of fallen military heroes who have died while on active duty since 9/11. In December of 2009, nearly 1,400 family members of fallen soldiers from all over the world were scheduled to gather in Texas for an uplifting holiday gathering. Snowball Express needed a custom travel and booking system for the event that had to be cobbled together from disparate databases and servers to create a single cohesive system. The databases were located in different countries and time zones with data in incompatible formats and servers that had been woven together.

Even to his own amazement, Kevin achieved his goal of getting the travel system up and running in time to enable the families to travel easily to and from the event. He did it by integrating multiple databases and web services with Google maps and a bespoke, back-end Content Management System.

Kevin cites his role in providing the technology behind the scenes to help these families heal as perhaps his greatest achievement so far. His vast web development experience provides him with a wealth of practical, real-world examples that he shares as insights and solutions with Learning Tree Course participants.

Kevin's students are inspired by his courses:

  • "Kevin made this course easy to follow. Excellent course—made me want to create my own website straight away!"
  • "Kevin's knowledge of the subject is excellent!"
  • "Very knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic. Great delivery!"
  • "Kevin brought real-world experience to the course".

Kevin is an instructor for several Learning Tree Courses, including:

He also authored all three of these courses and is a Learning Tree Technical Editor.

Rima Chai

Rima Chai

Rima has worked with Microsoft technologies for over 20 years. She actively trains, supports and develops solutions in Microsoft Office, ASP, SQL Server and Active Directory for blue-chip financial and legal firms, including KPMG, Baillie Gifford and Alliance Bernstein.

Rima is rated as one of the UK's top specialists in developing solutions using Excel. She put those skills to use at Alliance Bernstein where, as a programmer analyst, she reduced the time it took a team of four people three days to create client reports down to one person requiring only 60 minutes. She did this by identifying bottlenecks, interpreting the data and automating manual processes in Excel and Access.

As a programmer consultant at LongAcre Partners, a leading media and Internet advisory firm, she identified data-entry issues that were built into their custom-made customer relationship management software. She corrected stored procedures in SQL Server, and redesigned and extended some of the VB class modules and Outlook add-ins to support the client's environment.

Rima has authored Microsoft Developer Network "How To" articles for Excel and Word and has a bachelor of engineering degree from Exeter University.

"What I like best about being a Learning Tree instructor", says Rima, "is being able to help students find their feet quickly and to adapt classroom theory to solve and troubleshoot issues in their offices. I find it very rewarding that the knowledge I've gained over the years helps my students avoid the pitfalls that I have already encountered and solved".

Rima's students appreciate her enthusiasm and skill:

  • "A very good course, I would recommend it to anyone. Rima is excellent!"
  • "Rima was great; she kept my attention throughout. Great presentation style!"
  • "Rima was excellent—very knowledgeable, with good focus, and she responded well to questions".

Rima is an instructor for several Learning Tree Courses, including:

Larry Barnard

Larry Barnard

Larry Barnard works closely with organisations around the world, helping them achieve their strategic goals. Drawing on his more than 16 years of project and people management best practices, tools and techniques, Larry has helped world-class organisations like CIBC, Afilias and Goodyear streamline their project management processes and increase efficiencies.

Larry has also worked with the Department for International Development (UK) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to help develop their global project management offices. In each case, Larry guided decisions on the type of project management each office needed and how best practices could be realised through their efforts. With enhanced oversight and the application of the latest project management software, the DFID was able to better track project spending around the world.

In addition, Larry provided strategic risk management planning for the U.S. Library of Congress, where he helped develop a set of sequential steps they now use to identify potential risks and coordinate risk response plans. This enabled them to build a project culture of risk awareness and to proactively reduce the probability of risk for all future projects.

Larry is the author of Xplore the Core: The Art of Personal Development in a World of Change and coauthor of Sample Exam Questions for the IIBA® CBAP® Certification. In addition to being an instructor, Larry has developed the curriculum for several Learning Tree Courses and has a B.A. in History and Political Science from McMaster University.

"One of the things I like about Learning Tree is their ongoing focus on bringing real-world experience into the classroom to make learning as practical as possible. It gives me great personal satisfaction to help other professionals working in the same field".

Larry's students appreciate his enthusiasm and skill:

  • "The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful".
  • "Excellent course!...Would love to take another course taught by Larry".
  • "Larry gave us good real-life stories and examples—thank you!"

Larry is an instructor for several Learning Tree Courses, including:

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